Mathematics Education Workshop Series at Framingham State University

Register now for February 28th!
Mathematics Education Workshop Series
Professor Mahesh Sharma
Academic Year 2019-2020

There are still seats available for the upcoming workshop Proportional Reasoning: How to Teach Fractions Effectively (Part II): Concept and Addition and Subtraction (for grade 3 through grade 9 teachers) on Friday, February 28th!  Scroll down to learn more!
According to Common core State Standards in mathematics (CCSS-M). By the end of sixth grade, students should master the concept of Proportional Reasoning (the language, concepts and procedures ratio and proportion). The concepts of ratio and proportion are dependent on the mastery of the concept of fractions. The mastery means (a) understanding, fluency, and applicability of fractions and operations on them. In this workshop, the participants will learn effective, efficient, and elegant ways of achieving the concept of fractions and operations on fractions- from simple fractions to decimals, rational fractions and help their students achieve that.
In these workshops, we provide strategies; understanding and pedagogy that can help teachers achieve these goals.  All workshops are held on the Framingham State University campus from 8:30am to 3:00pm. Cost is $59.00 per workshopand includes breakfast, lunch, and materials.
PDP’s are available through the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education for participants who complete a minimum of two workshops together with a two page reflection paper on cognitive development. 

FSU | Office of Continuing Education | 508.626.4558
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Mathematics Education Workshop Series at Framingham State University

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